Coach Ernesto Hidalgo

Coach Kennedy Heywood 

Coach Kennedy lives in Lakewood CA.  She has played and captained soccer at Fullerton College from 2014-2017.  She is also the Assistant Director of Coaching and Elite 64 Operations Director for AYSO United, where she was nominated for AYSO United National Coach of the Year in 2019.
Coach Kennedy is a coach for First Touch Coaching and an MRI technician student.

Coach Pierre Sanjurjo aka "Coach P"

Pierre Sanjurjo is the current plant supervisor at Beckman High School,  Coach P also dedicates his time coaching football and girls soccer coach since the school opened in 2004. Coach P also coached baseball from 2005 to 2018.
He is married to Katie Sanjurjo, an English teacher at Beckman High School. They have four boys;  Justin, Orion, Isaac and Casey. The first 3 have graduated from Beckman.
Coach P loves to coach; sports teaches life lessons--It reflects so many aspects of day to day life such as accountability, responsibility and team work.

Coach Bob Hazen

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