OCWS Tournament

Welcome to the OC Winter Showcase 2021! 

We are excited to host OC's high school kick-off classic! This year's tournament will again feature some of the top soccer programs in the region! 

Our goal is to provide a quality/competitive environment for all coaches and their athletes. We will host the semis and finals on December 4th at Beckman High School and the prestigious OC Great Park. The day will feature pristine turf fields, informative events, and a snack bar. 

Good luck to all our participants! 

The OCWS Tournament is designed to best fit the needs of the Coaches and Players that take part in it. Communication and Dedication is going to be the key element for our success, if you have a question, please contact me directly at gordonwscott@cox.net or call me at (949) 632-5649.